SHARE is an invitation-only event. Approximately 50 participating organizations are invited to meet with diverse suppliers.  Each procurement team 'SHARES' a list of their favorite diverse suppliers to register, set up a company profile, and be available for matchmaking with other corporations on April 22, 2020. SHARE is designed as an opportunity for both participating organizations and diverse suppliers to network and broaden their reach in the Western PA area.

Invited diverse suppliers will be directed to register for SHARE 2020 via email.  The main buyer rep and the diverse suppliers will create their company profiles when they register.  This information will be seen by both parties to determine if a meeting should be requested. 


Buyers will have first dibs to schedule appointments with suppliers for one week, April 1 - 8. On April 9 supplier appointment scheduling will be open and suppliers will be able to request meetings with buyers. NOTE: Buyers have 48 hours to accept or reject the request. Each supplier will have the ability to schedule only 3 appointment from April 9 -17. On April 17 we will open up the schedule and any remaining slots can be filled by either side. 

The success of SHARE is directly impacted by participating corporations and diverse suppliers.  It is extremely important that both buyers and suppliers are committed to attending and participating once registered.  The matchmaking sessions are back-to-back and missed appointments or late arrivals cause conflicts that are difficult to overcome on event day.



  1. Go to the APP STORE (iOS) or GOOGLE PLAY(android)

  2. Search & download the EVENTDEX app

  3. Login with same EVENTDEX credentials used when creating your online company profile

  4. Click on SHARE 2020

  5. Once inside the event you can click on SHARE Logo to see pertinent event info and click on MATCHLEADS logo to check and make appointments


SHARE is a supplier diversity event, a highly organized matchmaking session with networking and education opportunities. SHARE 2020 seeks to bring together the region’s top corporations, institutions and diverse suppliers to expand opportunities and increase growth among area diverse suppliers. This is an invitation-only event.

There is no charge for participating organizations and diverse suppliers to participate in the highly organized matchmaker.

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